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September 5, 2014

11:00 am

*I’ll go back in and add links to the apps

7.5 (therapy dog .5) staff members.  Started with 4 staff.  

App addict

iPad dropped on his lap and they said, “Fill it!”

imls grant..  iPad parties.  Filled it with tons of apps.  Became obsessed with apps.  Bought his own iPad.  

Seems like an app is perfect, but is missing something or is too expensive.  WAIT!  There may be something else that comes along soon that is perfect AND free.  

Tumblr…  150 apps… 200 apps by end of year. Made sure all apps are available that he’s going to show.  

App Issues: (what he wants ppl to know)

  • Size – some are cool… but HUGE.  Most libraries have the smaller iPads or tablets.  
  • Ad’s a go-go – make him crazy.  Try to buy some without ads.  (turn off wifi if possible.  will help get rid of ads.)
  • in-app purchases (candycrush they’re awful… but chapters or book addons may be great because you own those chapters)
  • App’s disappearing from the app store 

App Hoarding:

Spends less than $100 a year on apps… really tries to get free ones. 





keywords on tumblr

Social Networking

  • Have social networking iPad.  Entire month’s worth of networking at one time
  • HootSuite – Facebook, Twitter all in one place. Can pre-write content and schedule to post.  


  • Futuele
  • Fingertip Maestro – in app purchases for add-ons
  • Traktor DJ – play music at an event.  Or want to play music for kids.  Made mixes for C is for Cookie, etc Chitty Chitty Bang, bang
  • Educreations Interactive Whiteboard – can record on whiteboard and unlimited space.  Has pictures you can use and you can draw on it.    C for Cow…  C for Cat…  Letter of the day.  Cool Cat
    • Can archive creationsEducrations: his profile 453293 – his number
  • What Says?  Identification Fun.  What does the fox say?  
  • Tiny Tap – can use other ppl’s games or make your own games
  • Endless Alphabet
  • Dr. Seuss 1  – Picture Book Collection.  Can touch the words and things.  

Reading Programs:

  • Comixology
  • Raz-Kids – reading A-Z subscription based.  Short readers go from preschool – 5th grade.  Can read to yourself, listen to yourself read it….  Level goes up as they read.  Use it to read to Buddy their therapy reading dog. 
  • 3:15 – Patrick Carman’s Tales from the Crypt type of story.  Reading in the dark program.  Has scary video ending at end.  All take turns reading at their own level.  No one can see them while they’re reading in the dark and know where they are.  Turn off all their sound…  
  • Madefire – Moving comic books with sound.   Get first for free and then buy more
  • Horrible Hauntings – apps free you pay for the accompanying book.  They bought 10 books for a program.   
  • Rory’s Store Cubes – create stories with picture cubes.  can get real ones, too.  
  • Puppet Pals HD Director’s Pass – get pre-made cartooney stuff with director’s pass.  Can make videos with pictures 
  • Paper – drawing app.  Feels really fluid.  Some of the other apps likes this are clunky feeling.  
  • Animator – create flipbooks


  • Om Nom Candy Flick – Augmented reality with play.   Print out picture and when the iPad sees it will show up in the play
  • Toca Hair Salon 2 – can create haircuts
  •  can research about apps and rate them.  Is it fun?  Does it work?  
  • Badland – game.  Stay alive as long as possible

Problem Solving

  • Bad Piggies HD – build mechanical contraption to help pigs get through obstacle course.  easy to get into ads unfortunately. But worh it…
  • Scribblenauts – good for writing and learning vocabulary.  Great on the computer, too.  Solve problems by creating things.  Can create anything you want.  (flying plaid robot, scary unicorn, flying green beaver)

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