Use Your Annual Statistics to Evaluate your Library – Fast

September 4, 2014

1:30 pm

Chris Rippel, CKLS

*One of the lunch speakers was running late, so I got into the session about 10 minutes late.

**This topic is a bit difficult to explain via blogging.

Smallest town on the left…  largest towns on right.  Comparing small towns to larger towns and their hours to help a library figure out if they’re open enough hours.

Has a spreadsheet from State Statistics with libraries, their service hours, population, etc.

Used data to create table with population (smallest to largest) and hours open per hour (added trend line).  Assumes that as population gets larger, hours open increase.   Could use this to help support the claim that your library isn’t open enough hours compared to the rest of the libraries.

Next:  Do you have staff to support this?

Next:  Do I have the money?

Can use this information to go to your board.

May not work so well if you want to compare similar/different demographics or locations.

How can you prove you’re using your money the best way you can.. or how cost effective other libraries are?

Only as good as the data provided.  Some of the data is obviously missing or flawed.  Have to know clientele and think about whether it’s correct or not.

Some instances of some directors inflating stats, clerks giving wrong funding info, etc.

Important to train new staff about what kind of info is needed and how to collect it if done by equipment or software. Important that staff members know what the questions are asking in order to get reliable data.  Want the data to be useful.  Templates on Spreadsheets for libraries.



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