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Checking Out eReaders to Customers

This post contains my notes and some pictures from the Checking out eReaders to customers panel, Brad Allen (Lawrence); Jeff Tate (TSCPL); Alex Mudd (ESU); Diana Weaver (Basehor); Jack Granath (KCKPL) at Northeast Kansas Library System’s 2013 Technology and Innovation Day on April 24.  A recording of this session was also made and can be found here:


Circulating preloded ereaders for a year.  Variety of devices started with tech tool box.
Competition between devives with community focus group.
Circulate in bag with device, user agreement, startup guide, charging cord.
patron responsibilty to remove personal data
Charge patrons if they put in dropbox.  Check out like an audio.


Manage content from online account.  If were going to do over again would purchase one brand of device.  attached with prepaid visa ca4d, now use giftcards to buy content.
Created email

Topeka Shawnee County Public Library
Bought 15 simple touch Nooks
Started in red carpet department ( homebound, nursing home, low vision patrons)
Locked the devices down.
Decided to keep it simple with just the books.
Business to business program from Barnes and Noble.  Circulating since March… 32 checkouts so far.
Like that they can read large print books without holding a large book.
Hope to take it to other library users



Kansas City, Kansas South Branch
Bought 10 Nooks
Good circ
What hardware?  Nooks were cheapest
Bought warranty and neoprene cases… used gun cases.. $7.50
None have been lost or stolen… only one major problem… someone restored to factory settings.
Nook devices have had low sales lately…something to think about when purchasing

Lawrence Public Library
Had eBook kiosks
Twelve devices total
Trying to decide what to do after they werent kiosks anymore.
Genre ereaders… best seller, romance, teen, npr
See it as a pilot
Constantly in flux… not sure what future holds.
Future: community driven ereaders… patrons can choose content
Used consumer model

Emporia State University
Bought Nook Colors and rooted them to make android tablets
Planned to use for instruction… didnt work out too well. Most students didnt have experience with android devices then (about a year and a half ago)
Now circulate the not rooted ones
May root the rest and circulate


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