Week 15 – Wikis

I have always thought that wikis were a great idea.  They are so easy to edit and give people freedom!  However, it seems like it’s always so hard to get people interested in editing them.  It usually happens in one of two ways.  Either people are scared to edit them or you have a few people who go overboard and are the only ones editing them.  There has to be a happy medium somewhere.  Several years ago we tried to have a FAQ wiki on our site.  It never really went over.  We were hoping that coworkers and libraries would collaborate on it and the wiki information would basically seed itself. It never really happened.  😦

For our assignment this week I went into Wikipedia and found the Dodge City, Kansas entry.  At first I was a little nervous and was worried I wouldn’t find anything.  It didn’t take long, though.  I saw a discrepancy immediately under the sports section which honestly is pretty funny.  I am not a sports person at all, but that’s a story for another time.  Anyway, they had listed that Dodge City had a minor league basketball team called the Legend.  The Legend is no longer playing basketball in Dodge City so I edited it.  However, right after my editing frenzy I instantly had editing regret.  I took out the whole paragraph about the team and I wish I would have left it in and put in some more details about why they left and when they left.  *sigh*


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