23 Things Kansas Wrap-up: aka the longest post EVER

Oh boy!  What a fun and crazy time!  I really enjoyed reading everyone’s’ posts and keeping up.  Although, I didn’t exactly keep up, but I sure tried!  It seemed like most of the time I was good at doing my lesson, just not writing my blog post at the end of the lesson.  Not exactly the best course of action.  It would have been much easier to write my posts at the time.  You live and you learn right?

Here is what I learned:

1.  We have so many creative and technologically gifted librarians out there!

2.  Shelfari can be used for more than just book reviews.  You can use it to keep track of how much book cost, if you lent it out, etc.  Someone (Brenda I think?) even mentioned how they used it to keep track of the books her baby had so friends and family knew what books to purchase.  I am kind of sad that I couldn’t put a widget on my blog, though.  I am seriously considering hosting my own WordPress blog.  *shrug*

3.  You can do a lot more with WordPress pages on KLOW than on wordpress.com pages.  This one was a hard one for me to swallow.  😦  I was pretty sad for awhile, but worked around it.  WordPress has been good about having some good workarounds.  I was most worried about not having the ability to post videos.   Sharon from NEKLS was kind enough to point me and others in the right direction.

4.  I do not have as much discipline as I would like.  At the beginning I was so sure I would have the time to do the lessons every week and was sure I would stay on top of them.  Not so much…  I admire those that did their lessons and post every week.  Kudos to you!!

5.  Zoho is pretty darn cool.  I could see myself using their tools for several projects, both personal and professional.

6.  There are Templates in Google Docs. I have been using Google Docs for so long I didn’t even notice the templates were there!  They are so fun and so easy to use.  Some of what people have done is fab!

7.  You can do Presentations in Google Docs.  I need to be better about opening my eyes.  Heather Braum and I worked on our KLA presentation using Google Docs.  It was so easy.  It was an even better choice for us since she is a Mac User and I am a PC User. We could probably have our own commercials…

8.  I still don’t totally “get” Creative Commons.  Maybe… someday I will.

9.  Facebook changes way too often.

10.  I discovered The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond’s Blog.  I love, love, love it!  Although, her blog and cookbook aren’t a good thing to discover when you’re on a diet.   I had heard of her several times before, but never got the hype until 23 Things Kansas.

11.  Facebook changes way too often.  Oh yeah…  I already mentioned that.

12.  I love, love, love Animoto.  It is so very easy and the finished product looks so professional.   I discovered yesterday that they now have a Water theme, perfect for Summer Reading! Check out the video I did below this morning.

13.  I still love Twitter.

14.  Some blog platforms are a lot more user-friendly than others.  There were times I kind of wished I would have used Blogger, but I am pretty happy with WordPress.

15.  Sometimes blogging can make you feel all alone out in the world.  I have often wondered if people were reading my blog.  And come to find out… sometimes people really weren’t! lol

16.  I really need to take the time to keep up with my Google Reader.  It really has helped me keep up with my blog reading, but I am so bad about checking it.

17.  If I had the chance I would spend all day on Facebook, Twitter, and reading various blogs.  I suppose this explains why some weekends a lot of housework doesn’t get done.

18.   No matter how much time I spend on Facebook or Twitter, there are still things to learn.  I was the co-author of these lessons and still learned from Heather and from others.  I learned a lot about customizing your profile and privacy settings during these lessons.  Thanks to the great questions I received from participants.

19.  It’s ok not to know everything.  This is hard for me.  I need to learn that I don’t always know how everything works.  However, the good thing is you can usually find a resource online or a person to help you!  That’s why librarians are so fabulous – they love helping people!

20.  Most people outside of the library world have no idea what 23Things is… or… ILL for that matter.  Or… KLOW. I have tried to do better about not using library slang.

21.  You can use Jing to make screenshots!  I love, love this.  It is so simple and so easy.   I learned this from Liz Rea and also from Sharon Moreland’s Screencasting Lesson.   Liz in her infinite wisdom usually sends me a screenshot from Jing whenever I ask her a question.  That woman has some patience!

22.  I discovered Mashable. I had been to Mashable’s site before, but never totally understood how valuable they are.   Now when I have a social media question it’s the first place I go.  However, everytime I see the name it still makes me want Mashed Potatoes.

See now you want some, too.

23.  Yes, I am finally almost done.  I also rediscovered commoncraft and how great their videos are.  I am always so amazed at how simple these videos explain things.  Almost every lesson we had for 23ThingsKS had at least commoncraft video in it.  How cool is that?  It’s another of those tools, I couldn’t live without.  Why didn’t I come up with an idea like that?  In November of last year there was a free webinar from TechSoup called “Tech Training Made Simple” which included Lee LeFever.

All in all a good, but crazy experience.  I am so thankful that others in our office and in our system were doing the lessons at the same time.  I think we all really kept each other on our toes and also were a big help!  I look forward to more 23 Things and possibly even a SWKLS 23 Things.

Finish Line photo taken from:   http://www.flickr.com/photos/88346879@N00/3180707254/

Mashed Tater photo:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/7917900@N02/2992728474/




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7 responses to “23 Things Kansas Wrap-up: aka the longest post EVER

  1. Cindi Hickey

    Whew! You are one tough e-woman! Great job, Janelle! You ‘re a double mentor AND a super learner! Thanks a million from me for ALL of your great work. P.S. Sending this comment from my iPad driving west on I-70 headed to Denver. Gotta love mobile tech!

  2. Mmmm…. mashed potatoes.

    Yay! We’re done!!! 🙂

  3. I’m sure completing all 23 Things qualifies you for a status upgrade, but I’m no sure what’s above Tech Goddess. So, have a chocolate donut and pat yourself on the back, cause you know all of us that didn’t complete all the lessons are going to be calling you for help. 🙂

  4. Fabulous Tech Goddess? lol. Mmmm… chocolate donut sounds fab. I just had some sort of coconut dessert. That will have to work for now. I will be glad to help you. Well… maybe it depends on how hard your question is. haha.
    btw… I have really enjoyed reading your blog! 🙂

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