Week 13 – Slide Sharing

This week was so much fun.  I am actually kind of sad that this lesson happened to be during the same week of KLA.  That week was so busy and crazy that I missed most of the slideshows that people posted.  How fun!!  We have so many creative librarians in Kansas.  It is also amazing to me how many free tools are available and how quickly they can make a slideshow look so fancy and professional!

I created the slideshow to showcase the fun we had at KLA this year.  I used Animoto which is so much fun!  I have seen such fabulous slideshows created on this site and it only takes minutes!  I also like that the free videos are usually only 30 minutes long.  For someone like me who always has a bad habit  of making things too long it’s perfect!

I also like how you can export your video into YouTube from Animoto.  I could be wrong, but I think this is a new feature?  It made it so easy to post on my blog!


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