Week 10 – Video on the Web

Video is always something I am very nervous about.  I am a horrible photographer and an even worse videographer!  Being on video myself scares the heck out of me.  So…  I decided to get other people to be on video for me!  hahaha!  Excellent, plan right?  Well, turns out they were just as scared as I was to be on camera, but they did great!!!  For a few of my KLA presentations I needed to take video to share experiences from other librarians that were not able to attend.  This worked great.  The librarians were also great sports and could have second careers in broadcasting if they truly wanted. 

Here is a video I did of Tami Irwin from Hamilton County Library (Syracuse, KS).  She is talking about why she loves Twitter and how she uses it at work. 

Here is also a video of Joan Weaver talking about how they created videos to promote their library. 

Thank you Week 10 for motivating me to do more with video.  I am embarassed to say I have taught a few classes on the subject, but am always nervous to do videos myself. 

Those who can do, those who can’t teach.

I also learned I tend to cut off people’s heads when I am videoing them.  Next time I will be a bit more careful with that!


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