Week 8 – Cloud Computing

I have used Cloud Computing so much this year I am not sure what I would do without it.   Here are some ways I have used it:

1.  To work on a Preconfernce for KLA2010 with Heather Braum.  We shared numerous documents and also created our presentation with Google Docs.  This worked great for us since we both use different platforms.  Heather is a dedicated Mac user and I am a Windows user.  This was the first time I had used Google Docs to create a presentation.  It worked great and was so, so easy!  The one thing I didn’t like was that there was a slight lag every once in a while.  However, we were on slow wifi when we were working on the presentation.  I think in most instances it would work great.  I may never use PowerPoint again!  If you click on the word Preconference above it will take you to our presentation. 

2.  My husband and I also have our budget on Google Docs. We share it with each other keep track of our budget versus our actual spending. It works great.   It’s nice not to have multiple copies floating around.  We can also access it from anywhere. 

3.  Heather Braum also created a 23ThingsKS to help the 23ThingsKS mentors in dividing up participants to mentor.  It worked really well and once again it was nice because it was shared with multiple people and we were able to access it from anywhere. 

It’s been so great to use Cloud Computing with others.  I have been using it for years for just myself, but could never get anyone to collaborate with me.  Or didn’t have a need to collaborate. 

I also collaborated on a presentation with some ladies from Hutchinson Public Library.  That was fun!  It also looks like they have an awesome library. I have driven by it a few times, but will have to make a point to stop next time.


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