Week 6 – Tagging and Social Bookmarking

I am very far behind, but am hoping to do some catching up here in the next few weeks so I can finish my 23ThingsKS modules! It’s been so fun and such a great experience. It’s also been busy, though. I am so thankful for extra time to get caught up.

I have had a delicious account for several years, but have been bad about using it until when I started 23ThingsKs. This week’s lesson helped me realize how handy it can be again especially when I find links while at work I want to look at home or vice versa. I also like how you can easily organize your links in Delicious.

I have two Delicious accounts. One is personal and one is for work. I think that’s part of my problem. It’s almost impossible to keep up with two accounts. In the next few weeks I am seriously considering pairing it down to one. My personal and work lives intermingle so much it’s kind of silly to have two. I have a mix of both personal and work links in both anyway.

My personal account: http://delicious.com/j_nellie
My work account: http://delicious.com/swklstrainer

I just realized after looking at my work account that the last time I posted to it was in 2007. wow! Time sure does fly.


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