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Week 10 – Video on the Web

Video is always something I am very nervous about.  I am a horrible photographer and an even worse videographer!  Being on video myself scares the heck out of me.  So…  I decided to get other people to be on video for me!  hahaha!  Excellent, plan right?  Well, turns out they were just as scared as I was to be on camera, but they did great!!!  For a few of my KLA presentations I needed to take video to share experiences from other librarians that were not able to attend.  This worked great.  The librarians were also great sports and could have second careers in broadcasting if they truly wanted. 

Here is a video I did of Tami Irwin from Hamilton County Library (Syracuse, KS).  She is talking about why she loves Twitter and how she uses it at work. 

Here is also a video of Joan Weaver talking about how they created videos to promote their library. 

Thank you Week 10 for motivating me to do more with video.  I am embarassed to say I have taught a few classes on the subject, but am always nervous to do videos myself. 

Those who can do, those who can’t teach.

I also learned I tend to cut off people’s heads when I am videoing them.  Next time I will be a bit more careful with that!


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Week 9 – Instant Messaging

Ahhh… Instant Messaging one of my old and long-time friends.  I have used Instant Messaging since 1997.  I used to be a heavy icq user.  I also used AOL Instant Messenger and Yahoo Messenger.  These days I pretty much stick to gtalk.  I don’t use instant messaging nearly as much as I used to.  However, I use it all of the time to talk to my husband throughout the day or while one of us is traveling.  I also use it quite a bit to communicate with Liz and Heather from NEKLS.

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Week 8 – Cloud Computing

I have used Cloud Computing so much this year I am not sure what I would do without it.   Here are some ways I have used it:

1.  To work on a Preconfernce for KLA2010 with Heather Braum.  We shared numerous documents and also created our presentation with Google Docs.  This worked great for us since we both use different platforms.  Heather is a dedicated Mac user and I am a Windows user.  This was the first time I had used Google Docs to create a presentation.  It worked great and was so, so easy!  The one thing I didn’t like was that there was a slight lag every once in a while.  However, we were on slow wifi when we were working on the presentation.  I think in most instances it would work great.  I may never use PowerPoint again!  If you click on the word Preconference above it will take you to our presentation. 

2.  My husband and I also have our budget on Google Docs. We share it with each other keep track of our budget versus our actual spending. It works great.   It’s nice not to have multiple copies floating around.  We can also access it from anywhere. 

3.  Heather Braum also created a 23ThingsKS to help the 23ThingsKS mentors in dividing up participants to mentor.  It worked really well and once again it was nice because it was shared with multiple people and we were able to access it from anywhere. 

It’s been so great to use Cloud Computing with others.  I have been using it for years for just myself, but could never get anyone to collaborate with me.  Or didn’t have a need to collaborate. 

I also collaborated on a presentation with some ladies from Hutchinson Public Library.  That was fun!  It also looks like they have an awesome library. I have driven by it a few times, but will have to make a point to stop next time.

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Week 7 – Miroblogging

Oh – Twitter!  How I love thee!  Let me count the ways! 

I signed up for Twitter in April 2007.  I admit, when I first started using Twitter I wasn’t really quite sure what to do with it.  I also had no idea what was going on.  There were all of these weird abbreviations like RT and people kept using pound signs.  I kept thinking to myself:  how am I ever going to figure this out?  And what the heck does all of this mean?  I finally found a Twitter definition site that explained it for the most part.  The rest of it just took practice.  Now, I am not sure what I would do without Twitter.  I know it sounds pretty silly.  Just yesterday, we had the lights go out in the office and there were some major storms in SW Kansas.  The lights were out for about 30 minutes.  Come to find out the power being out had nothing to do with the weather.  It was only cloudy in Dodge, but there was bad weather going on in other parts of Western Kansas including my home town of Lakin.  I was able to follow the weather happenings through twitter on my phone while the electricity was out.  Last summer, we also had a really bad storm and I was in the basement with my phone following weather updates on Twitter with my phone.  Who would have thought? 

I have also found it very useful for work.  I follow several librarians from across SW Kansas, the state, and other locations.  It’s a great way to get ideas and also to get help when you need it.    No group of people like to help like librarians and they are usually right on top of things if you have a question. I also follow other techies from across the state.  Twitter is a great way for us to collaborate and ask each other questions.  I also feel like I am involved in these people’s lives more.  Most of the time I might see my Twitter friends once a year if ever.  There is a certain sort of friendship and comradery that takes place online.

I also quickly discovered that using a client helps a bunch to make Twitter much more user friendly. The one I usually use is called TweetDeck.  It allows you have to have columns so you can see your Twitter stream, @ replies, and Dm’s all at once.  You can also add columns for other things like searches.  TweetDeck also makes things like retweets and replies much easier. 

On my phone (an Android) I also use an application called Seesmic.  It is also fairly easy to use and it’s what I probably use the most while I am at home. 

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Week 6 – Tagging and Social Bookmarking

I am very far behind, but am hoping to do some catching up here in the next few weeks so I can finish my 23ThingsKS modules! It’s been so fun and such a great experience. It’s also been busy, though. I am so thankful for extra time to get caught up.

I have had a delicious account for several years, but have been bad about using it until when I started 23ThingsKs. This week’s lesson helped me realize how handy it can be again especially when I find links while at work I want to look at home or vice versa. I also like how you can easily organize your links in Delicious.

I have two Delicious accounts. One is personal and one is for work. I think that’s part of my problem. It’s almost impossible to keep up with two accounts. In the next few weeks I am seriously considering pairing it down to one. My personal and work lives intermingle so much it’s kind of silly to have two. I have a mix of both personal and work links in both anyway.

My personal account:
My work account:

I just realized after looking at my work account that the last time I posted to it was in 2007. wow! Time sure does fly.

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