Week 5 – RSS and Feed Readers

For this week’s lesson I chose to do activitiy 1 and a little bit of activity 1 and 3.   I have been hearing about RSS feeds for several years, but never really started using them until probably two years ago. When I started using them I first started using a blogger account I had set up years before.  That worked pretty well, but I always forgot to go in there and check blogs.   Then I got Outlook 2007 which I discovered had a built in feed reader.  I started using that to keep track of blogs and websites.  This came in really hand for me to follow all of our library KLOW sites.  This has worked well for me because I only have one place to go to check my email and RSS feeds.   

As part of 23ThingsKansas I also started following more and more blogs.  Because of this I didn’t want to put them all in my Outlook so I dug up a Google Reader account I had from another class I took years ago and inputted them into there.   Google Reader seems to be working pretty well for me, I like it better than Bloglines.   For now I still have my KLOW feeds and a few others set up in my Outlook.  That seems to work well.  Sometime, though I need to sit down and organize my feeds in both of them a bit more.  I can see myself getting easily overwhelmed and not being able to sort out my feeds in Google Reader since I have so many of them. 

One of our libraries contacted me about adding some sort of a RSS widget so that patrons could automatically add their library feed to a reader.  I began searching to see what we could add and came up with all sorts of solutions.  I tested a few out on our KLOW test blog and the library decided to try out a widget by addtoany.   With this widget you can share blogs on social networking sites and also add them to feed readers.  It will also let you email yourself a link or add it to your favorites.   Since we found it,  I have been messing around with it.  There are several different forwats and ways to add the widget.  I finally figured out how to add it to my post.  To get it to work I had to mess with my the permalink structure on my post a bit.  Addtoany didn’t seem to like the original format which was making my permalink be https://janellegant.wordpress.com/2010/02/12/week-5-RSS-and-Feed-Readers.  Once I shortened it to:  https://janellegant.wordpress.com/2010/02/12/week5 it was fine.  I will post some directions later on how I got the widget to work, but for now my brain hurts!  It’s been a crazy Friday!




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  1. Denise

    I finished my lesson for this week late last night. I had lots of fun doing it. Tweeting is fun and so is bloggin. Thanks for teaching me, you are a doll in my eyes!!!
    Oh yes, I also sent Popcorn a friend request. so cute. 🙂 my twinkies will get a kick out of me being friends with a puppy.

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