Week 3 – Online Meetings

Wow!  There were so many great archives of online meetings out there to choose from.  I love online meetings mostly because usually I get to listen to people I would never get to listen speak in person.  One session I attended a few months had one of the creators from Common Craft speaking.  I know I would never get to hear him speak otherwise. I also like how most sessions are usually only one hour long.  It’s amazing what can be fit into a one hour time frame.

On the months we don’t have board meetings we have what we call “Informational Meetings” in our system’s OPAL room.  This works pretty well.  It’s a great chance for us all to touch base with each other and catch up.  We also have a few board meetings a year in OPAL.  At first this was a bit tricky and still is at times, but it works great!  It saves us a lot of mileage money and also saves a lot of time.  We have some library members who are about 3 hours away.  Traveling to and from a meeting can take up at least 6 hours of their day.  Yuck!

One of my coworkers, Sara McFarland, mentioned the webinar she listened to for her Week 3 activity.  The webinar was through Infopeople and was entitled, “New Copyright Tools and Best Practices: Copyright Law Update 2010“.  I thought this one would be a good one for me attend, too.  We have dicussed copyright several times.  The webinar was very helpful.  I was especially thankful that it was a recent webinar with recent information.


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