Hello world!

Hello out there!  My name is Janelle Mercer and I work for the Southwest Kansas Library System as the Technology Trainer/Assistant Technology Consultant in Dodge City, Kansas.    This  is actually my first “own” blog.  I have helped several libraries start their own blogs, but have never had my own.  I am taking part in 23thingsKansas so I can learn more about tech and also meet more librarians from across the state and beyond.    I have learned that there is nothing more valuable than having friends in the library world whether it be out in the blogosphere, on Facebook, on Twitter, through email, over the phone, or in person.  The librarians I have met throughout the years have been so helpful.  I also love to cook and bake, but love reading cooking blogs and reading cookbooks more than actually cooking.  It’s a lot messier that way as my husband can attest.  I can never make anything without dirtying half of the dishes in the kitchen.  I also the “mom” of two adorable dogs, Ladybug and Popcorn.  I look forward to learning more about everyone!



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12 responses to “Hello world!

  1. It’s my social media sidekick or, rather, co-conspirator! 🙂 Love the theme! 🙂 Glad to be on the journey with you and interact “across the Interwebs”!

  2. Going to feed Twitter into your blog?

  3. Nice looking blog. LOVE the title!

  4. This is going to be fun, seeing everyone’s creative side come out!

  5. Aw…its my J-girl, wanted to let you know I’m having fun learning all this new techno stuff. My big kids think I’m a geek! Only because I now know more than they do about technolgy. Thanks to you.

  6. Hi! Janelle! Cute page….love your name :o)

  7. Ahhh… Denise. You give me too much credit. I am having fun learning all of this, too. It’s so great to see how everyone has fancied up their pages. I love that your big kids think you are a geek. In a few more weeks, your little kids will think you are a geek, too. 😉

    • Denise Smith

      I am having so much fun figuring this out. It takes me a very long time, which isn’t good because I’m not getting anything else done. oops!
      Just wanted to let you know, happy I’m doing it and I still hope its okay that my blog is all about my family instead of work. Is that okay?

      • It takes me awhile on some of the things, too. It sure is fun, though! I am having a tough time getting things done, too. I keep having to make myself stop messing with my blog or stop reading other’s blogs so I can get my “real” work done. Just make sure you answer the questions from each week and you should be fine! I think people love reading about your family and that’s what interests you so keep these posts coming, too. You want your blog to be something you enjoy doing. If you are talking about work all the time it may not be as enjoyable.

  8. @mille – Thanks! I like yours, too. I am thinking I need to take off my Twitter posts. I have a been a bit whiney lately… 😉

    @Cindy – I am loving seeing everyone’s creative side, too!

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